Consultancy & Sponsored Research Projects

The Chouksey Group of Colleges has been interacting with industries, research organizations and governmental agencies for taking up consultancy and sponsored research projects. These are either referred to the Institute or are sanctioned based on specific project proposals submitted by the faculty members. Such projects pose considerable scientific, technological and academic challenge to the faculty and students of our Institute. Further the academic programmes of the Institute are strengthened by such active interaction with the industries.

 These projects and assignments require a great amount of scientific and technical input from the faculty and staff of the Institute. They have given an opportunity for the Institute staff to work on live problems of immediate relevance to the country. The students can also be trained to tackle such practical problems. Equally important is the fact that the knowledge and expertise of the Institute staff are available for solving some of the pressing technological problems facing the industry and the nation. These interactions of the Institute are implemented and coordinated by the office of Department of Research.

The projects or assignments coordinated by the Department of Research are divided into two types:

Sponsored Research Projects

These are R & D projects sponsored by Government agencies, industries or other institutions with a view to generate new knowledge, to develop a new technological process or to create new products. Considerable amount of studies and research/development work may have to be put in by the investigators to solve the problem and as such these projects are considered as R & D projects. These are long term assignments in emerging areas and in highly specialized fields of Science and Technology.

Industrial Consultancy Projects

Projects that can be executed and problems that can be solved readily, utilizing the professional knowledge and expertise of the staff are classified as consultancy assignments. The Institute facilities may be used for research work, theoretical analysis or experimentation required for generating sufficient information and data for this problem solving operation, but these assignments are heavily dependent on the existing know-how and skill of the staff concerned. These are mostly related to the application of an already known technology. There are following some funded consultancy and sponsored projects received by Chouksey Group of Colleges.

S.No. Type of Project Agency Dept. PI Name Project Titles
1 Consultancy Kishan Udyog, Sakoli, Maharashtra Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Herbal Standardization
2 Consultancy Amarkantak Harbals, Madhya Pradesh Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Herbal Pesticide
3 Sponsored DST Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Evaluation and development of bioactive principles containing herbal IUD
4 Sponsored AICTE Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Develop & evaluate herbal IUD through nano drug delivery system
5 Sponsored SERB Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Effect of herbal antioxidants  to normalizing the concentration of nitric oxide and CRF to ameliorate stress induced depression
6 Sponsored CCOST Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Ethnopharmacological evaluation of some medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh as a spermicidal agent
7 Sponsored CCOST Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Development & evaluation of herbal formulation for ant fertility activity
8 Sponsored CCOST Pharmacy Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Evaluation of traditional herbal formulation of Chhattisgarh State
9 Sponsored TEQIP-III,CSVTU Bhilai Civil Dr. Shubhalaxmi Tiwari Stablization of expansive soil by using alkali activated fly ash.
10 Sponsored TEQIP-III,CSVTU Bhilai EEE Dr Ankita Dwivedi Line start permanent Magnet Motar for future Electric Vehicle
11 Sponsored TEQIP-III,CSVTU Bhilai ET&T Mr. Vidhata Poddar   (Co-PI) Gain enhancement and mutual coupling reduction in planer compact antenna for mid band 5G application
12 Sponsored AICTE New Delhi Civil Dr. Shubhalaxmi Tiwari Refreshers/Induction Program on “Recent Challenges in Teaching Pedagogy”
13 Consultancy PWD Civil Dr. Shubhalaxmi Tiwari Soil Testing