Smart Classrooms

The Chouksey Group of Colleges has a smart classroom with modern equipment’s to make the teaching-learning process more interactive which are fully equipped with all modern multimedia & internet facilities.

As the innovation and vision of the Managing Director shri Ashish Jaiswal Chouksey Group of Colleges has become one of the handful Group of colleges in the state and country to introduce Smart Boards to the classrooms in its day-to-day teaching and learning. The Smart Board System (SBS) is a significant step the Group has taken towards a better teaching-learning experience for all involved. The key purpose of the SBS is to get our students to learn better, adore learning, and understand the lessons better and ultimately to produce improved results at valuations. This has also helped the weaker students to be more interested in and understanding towards lessons. The SBS consists of a Smart Board, a computer, audio system and a projector.

As a first reaction, we see a marked improvement in the students’ learning experience when learning is done through the digital medium. This is a major step towards providing the students with more facilities making a leap into the future in teaching and learning. As always, Chouksey Group of Colleges seeks to provide the best facilities possible to its students. Our dream is to extend this facility to all classrooms.

As in a regular classroom the teacher writes on the board and the students note it down in their notebooks. This is a very dull approach in the teaching process. But in the SBS there is a digital approach for notes. The teacher, instead of writing on the board, is able to teach using PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, PDFs, images, videos, graphs, digital maps, etc.

Key Features of Smart Classrooms

The smart classroom transcends the boundaries of location, time and space providing a flexible learning environment for all

Each teacher can develop lessons targeting each student’s needs.

The virtual practicum supervisors review the lessons and the teachers revise them to address their suggestions.

Being a leading institute, we have lectures by several senior professors and subject experts.

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