Training & Internship

Every industry is on the hunt for candidates that have the real knowledge of how things work and can apply it effectively to facilitate the organization operations. The Training & Internship equips students with these professional skills and also is an amazing addition to students resume.

If students strategically present their internship or training details on their profile to indicate the skills student gained from training endeavour, employers are most likely to hunt you down and hire you. For Example, software job training also  puts you in the limelight for employers to find you easily or convinces the organization that you are applying to, about your skills.

As per the university and different Govt. authorities Training & Internships are compulsory for partial fulfillment of their degree. Duration of the Training & Internships depends upon the course in which student is perusing degree. Training & Internships duration can be from 45 days to 6 months depending upon the courses.

Benefits of Training or Internship

Career Exploration

  • Learn about a career field from the inside and decide if this is the right career field for you
  • Work alongside a professional in your chosen career area
  • Observe the workplace and see if it matches expectations
  • Gain knowledge about a specific industry

Leadership and Skill Development

  • Learn new skills and add to your knowledge base while gaining confidence in your abilities
  • Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills
  • Provide evidence that you are initiator, reliable, and responsible.
  • Apply some of the ideas learned in college and provide a bridge between college and the professional world
  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment by contributing to an organization
  • An internship offers you the chance to learn by doing in a setting where you are supervised by a work-place professional and have the opportunity to achieve your own learning goals, without the responsibilities of being a permanent employee.

Networking and Establishing Mentors and References

  • Meet new people and practice networking skills while establishing a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references
  • Open door for the next steps to take on your career path

Resume Enhancements

  • Gain valuable experience and accomplishments to add to your resume and/or enhance your application to graduate school
  • Create an advantage over other job or graduate school applicants
  • Potential for a full-time job offer at the end of the internship based on your performance

Other T&P activities:

  • Arrangement of Personality Development Workshops
  • Training students in aptitude tests, interview techniques, group discussions
  • Notification regarding various competitive examinations
  • Organizing industrial visits
  • Guiding students who desire to pursue Higher Education