Life @ Chouksey

College life is known as one of the most memorable years of one’s life. It is entirely different from school life. College life exposes us to new experiences and things that we were not familiar with earlier. For some people, college life means enjoying life to the fullest. While for others, it is time to get serious about their career and study thoroughly for a brighter future.

Life at Chouksey Group is good and studying is truly the most beautiful and the most interesting part of life because of:

  • The Disciplined life lessons
  • The Self Independence
  • The Universal Friendships
  • The Knowledge

Social, Physical & Cultural development

Studying is one of the most turbulent and most intense periods of a person’s life. A whole new horizon opens in front of you, and the lessons that you will learn do not only come from books you read.The best comes when you successfully overcome all the problems and obstacles, tasks and obligations that the study brings, and you are finally able to say that you are a grown up. You were gradually changing every single day you spent as a student. Do not be surprised if you start your academic education as one person, and finish it as another, usually a better one.

“Education at Chouksey Group will be the best part of your life.”

The people

In most cases, the people you meet will be the people you are friends with for the rest of your life. Whatever your interests, you will find a group of people just like you.

The Course/ Faculties

I know what you’re thinking: work?! Yes, unfortunately it’s a (relatively) big part of your first year, but don’t worry – it doesn’t actually count. The first year is very much for settling in to life away from home, in a new place, and with new people, so they don’t expect magic from you from day one.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of education life is priceless and brilliant. On the whole, everyone seems to be happy and buzzing, which adds hugely to the entire college experience.

Personal Development

Finally, one of the most important things that will make your first year so great is your own self development.  Moving away from home is a huge thing and, at times, it may be hard being away – but the people around you will always pick you up.


Chouksey group of Colleges has all the required amenities and infrastructure for the students. The Colleges have sufficient classrooms, library having the required text books and reference books, e-library facility, Computer Lab. for students, Ladies Common Room, Audio-Visual Hall, Conference Rooms, toilets etc. Group also provides facility to the students like canteen, health-care facility, clean drinking water and hostel for the students who require the same.


Hostel life is a preparation to create a home away from home. It is where the life at a Education starts, albeit a modern one. It is a steadiness between the training, transformation& relaxation. The hostel is where students begin to have a sense of belongingness and friendship. It’s where the aloneness of life can best be dealt with and hostel makes one realize that true independence is the fountainhead to experiencing love and togetherness in life.

NCC, NSS & Sports

Students can groom them self’s apart from good academics to be a part of NCC, NSS and Sports and shape up their interest to higher levels.

Industry Visits & Tours

Chouksey Group of colleges organizes Industrial visits& Tours on regular basis which will give greater clarity about important concepts, as students practically experience how these concepts are put into action.

Regular Seminars, Workshops &Conferences.

Seminars, Workshops & Conferences have numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence.

Social & Cultural Activities

Students get great exposure to show their talents in different platforms of social activities and different cultural festivals round the year.

Round the Clock Placements Activities

Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of choice as well as the employability skills required for real-life work. It also increases their knowledge of an industry or sector, allowing them to make better informed decisions about future career choices.