The department is having spacious laboratories, well equipped with hardware and software facilities required by the students to perform the necessary experiments as per the curriculum and even beyond the curriculum. Experiments are designed in such a way that the students become well aware of the concepts they learn in the theory sessions. The motive of the lab is to train students in the latest technology trends as detailed below:

  • Spread around a space of 90 sq.m with air condition facility
  • Inter – networked with all other labs in the department
  • The department is provided with high bandwidth Internet and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Software such as MATLAB, Multisim, Xilinx, LAN Trainer, NetSim are used by the students and faculty for design & development of applications.


  • Dos and Donts and Safety measures rules are displayed in each laboratory.
  • Well trained Technical Staff are available for maintenance of Electronic equipments and software..
  • servicing of each laboratory is done frequently.
  • Calibration of the each laboratory is done frequently.
  • Department has internet of 60 Mbps and Wi-Fi is maintained for students and Faculty usage.
  • All necessary PC system regular software like Microsoft office, browser, lab software; antivirus software installed and maintained.
  • Stock register is maintained in the laboratories
  • As per the requirement minor repairs are carried out by the lab assistant.
  • Internal audit is done for every semester; the report is given to HOD and Head of the institution.


  • Department has State-of-the-Art laboratories and is well equipped with equipment which shall cater to all UG and PG courses as per curriculum requirements.
  • Chairs/benches are in good condition. Chairs with desks are provided for individual students in Labs.
  • Department has experienced faculty to educate them in all the fields of engineering.
  • All the labs are conducted and evaluated every week. .
  • Labs are equipped with sufficient hardware and licensed software to run program specific curriculum and off program curriculum.
  • Laboratory manuals are prepared for all the experiments in the plan and are provided to the students at the time of practical.
  • Sufficient numbers of windows are available for ventilation with natural light and every lab has one exit.
  • Lighting system in the lab is very effective.
  • Cup-boards are available in each lab for students to place their belongings.
  • Each Lab is equipped with white/black board, computer, Internet, and such other amenities.
  • Research laboratory/department library is available 24X7 for all faculty and students to carry out research work and projects.
  • Exclusively, R & D lab has been provided for the students to carry out their mini and major project work.

Department of Civil Engineering

List of Laboratories

  • Geo tech Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Transportation Lab
  • Geology Lab
  • Concrete Lab
  • Structural analysis Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

List of Laboratories

  • Control Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • EMMI Lab
  • Circuit Lab
  • Network Lab
  • Switch Gear and Protection Lab
  • Power System Simulation Lab

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

List of Laboratories

  • Main Lab
  • Internet Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Software Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Advanced DBMS Lab
  • M.Tech Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

List of Laboratories

  • Advanced Electronic Circuit Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Analog Electronic Circuit Lab
  • Linear Integrated Circuit Lab
  • Microcontroller Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Industrial Transducer Lab
  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Electronics Design Lab
  • Optical Communication LAB

Department of Mechanical Engineering

List of Laboratories

  • IC Engine/ Thermodynamics Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics/MMM Lab
  • SOM/DOM/ KOM Lab
  • RAC/HMT Lab
  • Automobile Lab
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Robotics Lab

School of Pharmacy,Chouksey Engineering College

List of Laboratories

  • Pharmaceutics i lab
  • Pharmaceutics ii lab
  • Pharmaceutics iii lab
  • Pharmacutics iv lab
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry i lab
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry ii lab
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry iii lab
  • Pharmacology i lab
  • Pharmacology ii lab
  • Pharmacology iii and human anatomy and physiology lab
  • Pharmacognosy i lab
  • Pharmacognosy ii lab
  • Pharmaceutical analysis lab
  • Pharmacy ppractice lab