CEC Industry Institution Interaction Cell

As the name suggests, the Industry Institution Interaction Cell of CGC acts as the link between the Industries and the Chouksey Group of Colleges community. It is the face of the student community to the industries and is committed to establishing CGC’s reputation. Its function is twofold. One, it establishes bond for the mutual gain of both the parties. Two, it gives students experiences and opportunities which will enable them to grow and achieve success.

This is done through a series of guest lectures, industrial visits, live projects, conferences, debates and talks. By giving the students insights and experiences of the working of the corporate world, IIIC is focused on making the students ready for the real world.

Contact Information:
Prof. Vinod Singh Kharsan,
Industry Institute Interaction Cell
Chouksey Group of Colleges,
Lal Khadan, Bilaspur. (C.G.)
Mob.: 09329470964, Phone : 07752-302109
Email: tpocec@gmail.com

Industry Institution Interaction Cell


The Industry Institution Interaction Cell of Chouksey Group of Colleges, Bilaspur serves as an interfacing body which handles corporate relations and other related activities for the benefit of students. The objective of the committee is two fold:

  • Help students interact with the corporate professionals through various avenues
  • Prepare students for placements through skill based and other preparatory sessions

Under this, activities undertaken by IIIC are as follows:

Colloquium is the annual business conclave of Chouksey Engineering College, Bilaspur which brings together a host of industry experts to discuss certain trends and issues under a specific corporate theme. In its first edition in 2013, Colloquium focused on the Venture Capital & Private Equity sector under the theme of ‘Shaping Successful Business Ventures of Tomorrow’. The event witnessed venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity players voice their opinion on several sector issues.

Live projects by various companies in domains such as Analytics, Market Research, Operations, E-Commerce, Human Resources among several
others are offered to students and coordinated by IIC. These live projects serve as an opportunity for students to gain hands on experience on live business problems faced by companies.

IIIC conducts several guest lectures by corporate professionals across industries on campus for the benefit of students. Our past guest speakers have come from top management of leading companies in sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Private Equity, FMCG to mention a few.

Several skill based workshops are organised to prepare students for the corporate life ahead. IIIC has collaborated with reputed professionals to take workshops on domain specific skills required for Marketing, Finance, Operations, Consulting and Human Resources.

IIIC organises workshops and training by corporate professionals in addition to internal preparation activities to assist in the preparation of the batch for placements.


Creation of Cell

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell was established at Chouksey Group of Colleges, Bilaspur in 2016 under the Industry Institute Interaction Scheme of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India. Over the years, considerable progress has been made and the academic departments have been carrying out various activities envisaged under the III independently and with support from the III Cell, as deemed necessary.

The Objectives of Industry Institute Interaction Cell

The III Cell was established with the following major objectives:

  • To evolve educational programmes which are consistent with the broad requirements of the industry and which can give rise to engineering personnel capable of coping-up with the accelerating pace of the technological development
  • To create adequate facilities of updating knowledge of professional engineers and technologists to meet growth and developmental needs of the industry
  • To coordinate the research and developmental activities of the two systems


The III Cell is located on ground floor in Administrative Block in the office of Training & Placement Department. The total floor space available is about 100 sq. m. which include a meeting room with seating capacity of about 20 persons. Facilitates such as photocopier, over head projector, TV and LCD are available with the Cell.

Constitution of the III Cell

The Cell has been reconstituted recently in June 2016 incorporating faculty —in- Charge and one faculty member from each department.
The composition of the cell is as under :
Mr. Ashish Jaiswal, Managing Director – Chief Mentor
Dr. Palak Jaiswal, President Students Welfare Cell – Mentor
Dr. K.C Mahajan, Principal – Advisor, CEC
Dr. Dhiraj Ahirwar, Principal – Advisor,  SOP, CEC
Prof. Vinod Singh Kharsan – I/C IIIC
Dr. Ritesh Jain, Pharmacy – Member
Dr. Sanjay Pandy, HOD, MBA – Member
Dr. Barun Yadav, HOD, Maths  – Member
Prof. Arun Jain, HOD, Electronics Engg. – Member
Prof. Subhalakshmi Tiwari, HOD, Civil Engg. – Member
Prof. Rahul Gedam HOD, ET & T Engg. – Member
Prof. Akhilesh Sharma, HOD, Comp. Sc. & Engg. – Member
‘Prof. Dinesh Dubey and Prof. R. Prashad will be invited members in industry Institution Interaction Cell.

Strategy Adopted For Industry Institute Interaction

The Concept
In light of the liberal economic and industrial policy recently adopted by the Govt. of India, the industrial scenario is fast changing. Industries re compelled to export a part of their production and complete with multinationals for the intemal market. The emphasis has shifled to quality products and well trained manpower to produce such products. There has been a greater need for industries to depend on technical institutions for R&D and for supply of highly qualified and skilled manpower. Retraining of the work force has become major activity for all industries. There is, thus a good opportunity for institute to interact with industries for mutual benefits.

The Industry-Institute Interaction would accrue mutual benefits when a symbiotic relationship is developed between the two systems. The ultimate aim of this relationship will be the creation of confidence in industry by the Institute which would result industries involving voluntarily the Institute at various stages of its development.

The development of such symbiotic relationship requires, firstly, careful understanding of the industry needs such as relevant R&D, cost ‘effectiveness, time bound programmes, technology upgradation etc. by the Institute and, in tum, understanding the capabilities and limitations of the institute by the Industry. Recognising the above, following thrust areas have been identified which require immediate attention :

  • Reorientation of curriculum
  • Exchange of Experts between the Institute and Industry
  • Involvement of Teaching Staff in Industry
  • Institute to gain Confidence of Industry
  • Institute as a Consultant in R&D
  • Technological Database
  • Continuing Education Programme
  • Establishment of Linkages
  • Institute’s Self-Reliance in Finances

A typical mode of interaction between Institute, industry and other organizations is presented in Figure is being followed to accomplish the desired goal of economic development of our country on sustainable basis.

Road Map

In keeping with the above thrust areas, following action plan has been prepared by the Institute to fulfill the aims of Industry Institute Interaction into achievements:

  • Preparing / updating of an information brochure / audio-visual giving salient features of the Institute including various programmes, R&D activities (completed / ongoing), expertise available along with equipment and testing facilities.
  • Establishing / continuing liaison between faculty in the Institute, representatives from the Industries and representatives from organizations involved in the promotion of industrial development
    in the region through organizing regular group meetings for mutual benefits to both the systems i.e. industry and institute
  • Identifying and preparing / updating a list of top executives and technologists from various industries / establishments in the region and working out a system of inviting them to address the faculty and students
  • Preparing / updating a comprehensive directory of technology experts in different fields of expertise and know-how and forging continuing links with them through various means of involvement like talks, guest lectures, research collaboration, students project guidance, seminars etc.
  • Reviewing post graduate and graduate curricula and reorient these to meet the needs of the industry by involving experts from industry in faming syallbi
  • Providing the faculty training in industry.
  • Organising refresher courses / training programmes for
  • working professionals
  • Membership drive for “Industrial Associateship Scheme" with the objective of providing various facilities at the institute such as library, testing, consultancy etc. at a concessional rate to the member industries/ organizations.
  • Instituting “Annual Student Project Award”
  •  Organizing Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) every year for senior students.

Contact Information:
Prof. Vinod Singh Kharsan,
Industry Institute Interaction Cell
Chouksey Group of Colleges,
Lal Khadan, Bilaspur. (C.G.)
Mob.: 09329470964, Phone : 07752-302109
Email: tpocec@gmail.com