The aim of National Cadet Corps is to develop and groom leadership, comradeship, discipline, secular outlook, character among youth in India by following the motto of UNITY and DISCPLINE. The Senior Division (SD) NCC UNIT of Chouksey group of colleges comes under 7 CG NCC Battalion Bilaspur (C.G) which is established at 2009. Training together develops team spirit, sense of nationality, as well as helps in developing the overall personality of the individual so that they all become responsible citizens of the nation. Develop the feeling of Indian’s is made inside the cadets, through its song HUM SAB BHARTIYA HAI.

NCC officer:- Lt. S P Shrivas


  • Enrolment of Cadets as per the Physical, Medical and document verification.
  • Ensure all NCC activities should be done timely.
  • Participating in camps with cadets.
  • Motivate cadets to attain National camps.
  • Teach cadets to improve leadership quality and other civilian lecture.
  • Attain NCC officer course/ refresher course/ capsule course.
  • Helping the battalion to organize camps, certificate examinations and other activities.


  • Sending all the cadets to the camp so that they can qualify for the upcoming certification examination.
  • Scheduling time for all cadets to join the NCC activity without harming their studies.
  • Provide training of NCC syllabus to cadets by army staff and equipment.
  • Sharing of all information received from the battalion with the principal.
  • Provide the training of SBB interview by Commanding officer.
  • Motivate to student for join Indian defence force.

S No. Name of Activity Activity Details Date
1 International Yoga Day Perform Yoga at CEC Bilaspur 21/06/2019
2 Enrolment 2019 Physical, Medical And Documentation 13/07/2019 To 14/07/2019
3 CATC & TSC selection Camp Annual Training of NCC Firing, Drill, Cultural, Plantation at Bhatarai stadium Bilaspur 03/08/2019 To 12/08/2019
4 Independence Day Celebration March Past at CEC Bilaspur 15/08/2019
5 SNIC Camp Portblair Sight Seen of Andaman & Nicobar, Cultural activities 18/11/2019 to 29/11/2019
6 Swatchhata Pakhwara Cleaning of plastic, Reuse awareness lecture, cleanliness rally 01/12/2019 To 15/12/2019
7 Repubilc Day Celebration March Past, Certificate Distribution at CEC Bilaspur 26/01/2020
8 B Certificate Exam Written and Practical exam of NCC subject at Bilaspur 15/02/2020 To 16/02/2020
9 C Certificate Exam Written and Practical exam of NCC subject at Bilaspur 25/02/2020 To 26/02/2020

Received Award

Letter of recommendation to Chouksey Engineering College given by the NCC Battalion Bilaspur to do excellent work in Swachhta Pakhwara in between 1/12/2019 to 15/12/2019