Research Project Guidance

S. No. Name of the Supervisor Name of the Candidate Department Type of Project (PG/PhD) Title of the Thesis/Dissertation Duration (in Months) Session/ Date of Submission
1 Dr K C Mahajan Mukesh Yadav ET&T PhD Design IP core of AXI & High Speed Connection for memory controller in SoC requirement 24 Months 2018-19
2 Dr K C Mahajan Surendra Verma ET&T PhD Design an efficient routing protocol for mobile wirelesssesor network 24 Months 2018-19
3 Akhilesh Sharma Tripti Singh CSE PG Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy true Exudates and Vessels mentation Segmentation using Histogram Equalization and Knowledge Engineering 06 Months 2019-2020
4 Akhilesh Sharma Awantika Singh CSE PG Auto building extraction from hd satellite image using machine learning technique 06 Months 2019-2020
5 Akhilesh Sharma Tripti Sapaha CSE PG An Efficient Approach for Noisy Image Compression by using Median Cut and GAN Algorithm 06 Months 2019-2020
6 Shanu K Rakesh Unnati Chawda CSE PG Depression Detection from Twitter’s Tweets using Emotion Artificial Intelligence 06 Months 2019-2020
7 Shanu K Rakesh Sangya Ware CSE PG Analysis and implementation of machine learning techniques for predicting heart disease 06 Months 2019-2020
8 Shanu K Rakesh Priyanka Dahariya CSE PG Speech interface for online form fill-up implementation using voice recognition 06 Months 2019-2020
9 Shanu K Rakesh Maya Chouksey CSE PG An efficient And secure scheme of visual cryptography for video sequence 06 Months 2019-2020
10 Dr. Sudhir K Meesala Sonia Wadhawa CSE PG An Artificial System for Prognosis Cancer Cells through Blood Cells Images using Image Processing 06 Months 2019-2020
11 Dr. Sudhir K Meesala Ragini Yadav CSE PG  Evaluation of coding efficiency based on Object-oriented metrics and COCOMO-II techniques to improve software defects 06 Months 2019-2020
12 Nilesh Sir Priyashree firke CSE PG Secure authentication  using fingerprint image fusion 06 Months 2019-2020
13 Nitin Kumar Divya Raja Gupta CSE PG Health Monitoring System using IoT 06 Months 2019-2020
14 Vivek Singh Rathore Shweta Singh Rathore CSE PG Copyright Protection for Embedded & Extraction of RGB Noisy Images Using SVD, DCT, Arnold & Error Acceptance Logic 06 Months 2019-2020
15 Bharat Choudhary Aarzoo Begum CSE PG Neki – An Initiative to end hunger with help of e technology 06 Months 2019-2020
16 Nandan Sahu Preeti Rani CSE PG An autonomous vehicle driving using path tracking algorithm pure pursuit 06 Months 2020-2021
17 Akhilesh Sharma Anvesh Pandey CSE PG Security surveillance and tracking using concept of machine learning 06 Months 2020-2021
18 Shanu K Rakesh Drishti Tiwari CSE PG Movie success Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms and their comparative study 06 Months 2020-2021
19 Shanu K Rakesh Nupur Makhija CSE PG Ranking based fraud detection in mobile app market 06 Months 2020-2021
20 Dr. Sudhir K Meesala Bharti Khare CSE PG Design & Evaluate Classification Approach for Customer Behavior Analysis 06 Months 2020-2021
21 Nilesh Sir Sandhya Sharma CSE PG Biometric authentication using deep learning and neural network 06 Months 2020-2021
22 Nitin Kumar Sakshee Tripathi CSE PG Brain tumor detection method based on classification 06 Months 2020-2021
23 Vivek Singh Rathore Harish Chandra Tanty CSE PG Text summarization of hindi documents 06 Months 2020-2021
24 Vivek Singh Rathore Aparna Pandey CSE PG Plant Disease Detection Method Based on Classification and Feature Extraction 06 Months 2020-2021
26 Nandan Sahu Hitesh Nath CSE PG Surveillance system for explosive material by swarm robotics drone with automatic rechargeable finder 06 Months 2020-2021
27 Vinay Pandey. Pooja Shukla CSE PG Combining unsupervised and supervised learning for credit card fraud detection 06 Months 2020-2021
28 Mr. S.P. Shrivas Shrikant Vastrakar Mech PG Optimization of process parameter of EDM of Inconel 617 by GRA and Taguchi based PCA with analyzing the effect of recast layer foundation 6 months 2019-20
29 Mr. S. Bhattcharjee Suhas Soni Mech PG Optimization of  MRR for process parameter of turning operations of aluminium 5052 alloy using PID Controller and FIS 6 months 2018-19
30 Mr. S.P. Shrivas Kamlesh Kr. Mandpe Mech PG Evaluation of various characteristics of hole quality during dry drilling of 17-4 PH stainless steel with solid carbide drill bits 6 months 2018-19
31 Mr. S.K. Vaidya Devanand Mech PG Effects on product parts during changing the processing parameters of polyprpylene material 6 months 2018-19
32 Mr. S.P. Shrivas Amitabh kr. Soni Mech PG Optimization of  Welding parameter to improve strength 6 months 2018-19
33 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Akash Singh Kurrey Mech PG Prediction of arc welding process parameter for mild steel grade 1018 6 months 2018-19
34 Mr. S.K. Vaidya Tikendra Kr. Mech PG Analysis of machining parameter on EDM of EN31 tool steel using full factorial design 6 months 2018-19
35 Mr. S.K. Vaidya Sanjay Kr. Kashyap Mech PG Analysis and optimization of EDM process parameter with multiobjective technique 6 months 2017-18
36 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Sumit Kr. Pamnani Mech PG Parametric optimization of ECM process by fuzzy logic 6 months 2017-18
37 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Khushi Ram Naik Mech PG Effect of bead geometry MIG arc welding analysis by fuzzy logic system 6 months 2017-18
38 Mr. S.P. Shrivas Ramakant Sao Mech PG Investigation of the mechanical properties of annealed AI-5083 6 months 2017-18
39 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Manjit Lakra Mech PG Comparison and optimization of leaf spring materials by ANSYS analysis 6 months 2017-18
40 Mr. Nitin Nayak Deepak Mishra Mech PG Optimization of CNC lathe Machine cutting parameter for AISI 4340 alloy steel 6 months 2017-18
41 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Avinash Bhardwaj Mech PG Optimization of machining process parameters with different kind of cooling lubricant 6 months 2017-18
42 Mr. S.P. Shrivas Umesh Singh Mech PG Influence of different tools on machining process parameter with optimization by Taguchi loss function 6 months 2017-18
43 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Mukesh Sahu Mech PG Optimization of defects in centrifugal casting by multiobjective technique 6 months 2017-18
44 Mr. A.K. Khandelwal Sunil swamy Dubey Mech PG Experimental examination and optimization of parameters in ECM operation 6 months 2017-18
45 Mr. S.K. Vaidya Devendra Kashyap Mech PG Tribology investigation of machining parameters in turning operation using full factorial design 6 months 2017-18
46 Mr. Amit Vishvakarma Sagar Gupta Mech PG Optimization and Significance of Lubricating Effect On Machining Parameters 6 months 2017-18
47 Dr.Rahul Gedam Ms.Shweta Gupta ET&T PG Wide-Band Microstrip Slot antenna using SIW structure For Ku-Band Application 6 months 2019-2020
48 Dr.Rahul Gedam Ms.Karishma Patle ET&T PG Novel GIS tool for the analysis and extraction of geographic information 6 months 2019-2020
49 Dr.Rahul Gedam Ms.Deepmala Kurrey ET&T PG An implementation of eyeball detection based wheelchair control using Matlab and arduino platform for a physically disabled person 6 months 2017-18
50 Dr.Rahul Gedam Ms.Sheena S Mary ET&T PG BER performance of WIMAX system using Discrete cosine transform 6 months 2017-18
51 Mr.Sachin Meshram Ms.Nisha Thakur ET&T PG An efficient Driver fatigue detection and warning system 6 months 2019-2020
52 Mr.Sachin Meshram Ms.Payal Dwivedi ET&T PG Reversible watermarking technique for MRI image with ROI detection based on difference expansion method 6 months 2019-2020
53 Mr.Sachin Meshram Ms.Suman Pahade ET&T PG A new approach to counterfeit indian fake notedetection using surf feature 6 months 2018-19
54 Mr.Sachin Meshram Mr.Ashish Kumar Verma ET&T PG an Effective approach for person identification based on finger inner knuckle print 6 months 2018-19
55 Mr.Sachin Meshram Ms.Ankita Diwan ET&T PG  A Novel approach for detection of melanoma skin cancer using MSR-CR technique 6 months 2018-19
56 Mr.Sachin Meshram Ms.Anjali Gupta ET&T PG Brain tumor detection from MRI Image using firefly algorithm 6 months 2017-18
57 Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey Ms. Priyanka Mishra ET&T PG Image based rendering using image warping 6 months 2018-19
58 Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey Ms.Richa Sahu ET&T PG Brain tumor detection and extraction of medical images using k means clostering 6 months 2018-19
59 Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey Ms.Komal Tiwari ET&T PG Guassian noise removal from digital mwatermarked images using DWT 6 months 2019-20
60 Mr. Vidhata Poddar Mrs. Rohini Nag ET&T PG Low Power Variable Gain Amplifier(VGA) using CMOS Technology 6 months 2017-18
61 Mr. Vidhata Poddar Mr. Shafaq Qureshi ET&T PG Design of CMOS Based LVDS Transmitter with High immunity to EMI 6 months 2017-18
62 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Apoorwa Mishra MBA PhD “A Study on Competitive Advantage of Unorganized Retailers with Special reference to Chhattisgarh State”. 24 Months 22/06/2013
63 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Archana Agrawal MBA PhD “Emotional Intelligence for Organisational Efeectiveness A Study of Selected Public Sector  Units in Chhattisgarh”. 24 Months 6/5/2016
64 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Mrs. Indu Santosh MBA PhD “A Camparative Study on Fund Management of District Cooperative Central Bank Limited Raipur and Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh State”. 24 Months 28/05/2016
65 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Abhishek Kumar Pathak MBA PhD “A Camparative Study of Marketing Strategies of Selected Fertilizer Companies in Chhattisgarh State”. 24 Months 27/07/2016
66 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Vivek Bajpai MBA PhD “Ethics in Modern HR Practices: A Key to Success of Selected Public Sector Industries in Chhattisgarh”. 24 Months 29/08/2016
67 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Somenath Mukharjee MBA PhD “Enhancement of Passenger Amenities and their Satisfaction in Indian Railways With Reference to Raipur(Chhattisgarh), Railway Division of South East Central Railway”. 24 Months 30/01/2017
68 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Niket Shukla MBA PhD “A Study on Marketing of Forest Produce of Chhattisgarh State”. 24 Months 14/11/2017
69 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Dalvinder Singh Wadhwa MBA PhD “Organizational Commitment of Employees – A Study on Axis and HDFC Banks of Chhattisgarh”. 24 Months 5/12/2018
70 Dr. Sanjay Pandey Mrs. Sapna Sharma MBA PhD “Analyzing Motivational Parameters for High Performance at Work – A Copmarative Study on Selected Undertakings in Chhattisgarh”. 24 Months 20/06/2019
71 Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Farha Khan Pharmacy PG “Develop and Evaluate Herbal Antidepressant Formulation” 6 months 2019-20
72 Dr. Sweety Lanjhiyana Kranti Prakash Pharmacy PG “To Develop and Evaluate Herbal Antidiabetic Formulation” 6 months 2019-20
73 Dr. Sweety Lanjhiyana Neelam Pharmacy PG Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studey of Teak Fruit (Tectona Grandis Linn.) 6 months 2019-20
74 Dr. Sweety Lanjhiyana Samrin Pharmacy PG Study of Antiobesity Activity of Plant Drugs 6 months 2019-20
75 Dr. Ritesh Jain Sharang Bali Pharmacy PG “Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Medicinal Plant: “Aegle Marmelos” (BEAL)” 6 months 2019-20
76 Dr. Satish Sahu Surendra Kumar Pharmacy PG The Study On Hypoglycemic Effect of “Piper betle and Moringa olifera” 6 months 2019-20
77 Mr. Anish Chandy Aditi Tiwari Pharmacy PG “To Formulate Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Colon Cancer” 6 months 2019-20
78 Dr. Dheeraj Ahirwar Amit Kumar Sahu Pharmacy PG Design and Develop Novelantidepressant Herbal Formulation 6 months 2019-20
79 Dr. Satish Sahu Anju Singh Pharmacy PG Formulation and Evalution of Thermostable Gel for Acne Treatment Using Clindamycin 6 months 2019-20
80 Dr. Utpal Jana Deepesh Lall Pharmacy PG Design Formulation and Evaluation of Medicated Chewing Gum (MCG’s) of Ondansetron HCL 6 months 2019-20
81 Dr. Ritesh Jain Laxminarayan Patel Pharmacy PG “Formulation and Characterazation of Anti-Asthmatic Drug Montelucast in Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches” 6 months 2019-20
82 Dr. Utpal Jana Suruchi Prasad Pharmacy PG “Formulation And In-Vitro Evaluation of Gastroretentive Floating Drug Delivery System of Carvedilol 6 months 2019-20
83 Mr. Anish Chandy Trilok Nath Pharmacy PG “Preparation and Evaluation of Drug Delivery System of an Antihypertensive Drug” 6 months 2019-20