Smart Club

The objective of the club is to nurture the intellectual orientation of the students. The mission and purpose of the SMART Club shall be to encourage students to explore the world by cultivating the knowledge on applied research techniques, supporting involved students via mentorship in proposal writing, communication skills, Innovative projects, research writing, and guiding students in qualitative research.

Club provides a platform for technical as well as Non-Technical Activities, for overall development of a student. Our motto is to bring out Leadership skills in the individual so that he can face any situation in the¬†future. We believe in preparing, grooming and growing with the ‘Leaders for Tomorrow’, in every domain.

 The club allows prospective students to pursue personality development, Talent search in fields close to them. It gives its members the opportunity to research their own projects.

The club’s advisor is Prof.Karan Singh, and the executive board consists of:

  • Student President
  • StudentSecretary
  • StudentMembers

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